Poem: Love Tragedy

Poem: Love Tragedy

Brian Smith, Special to The Journal

Just keep it real with me

I’m feeling you, you feeling me

But we not where we ‘posed to be.

It’s like you lost all hope for me,

My love, my drug, my hope, my need.

I chill all day and hope to see you

Sitting very close to me.

But now let’s not do this; just let me

Sit back and zone out to my music.

Going through my iPod ‘til I find

A song I like, who dis the weekend and that (XO).

I bet that get me through this…

That’s what I can’t stand though:

My mother gave me water just hopin’ to

See a man grow,

My heart, a ticking time bomb.  We just wait

TO see that man blow.

I learned that love is really something