The World's First Matchmaker: The History of Cupid and His Purpose


Erica Thorner, Co-Editor

Have you been struck by Cupid? Do you even know what it means? In Roman Mythology Cupid is the god of love and affection. Cupid is not necessarily a baby or child who is being mean trying to get people to fall in love.  Cupid a God, fell in love with a human princess named Psyche. This love affair was opposed by Venus his mother, the goddess of love and beauty. Even with her opposition Cupid and Psyche continued to be together.  Cupid fell in love using his own game.

“I believe in true love because I know many people who met when they were young and got married and still are today. I don’t not believe in cupid though he is just a tale,” said Mrs. Rivers.

In modern times Cupid’s symbol is represented by a baby with wings in a diaper holding a bow and arrow. In earlier times Cupid was represented as a grown man. Cupid is said to be responsible for many relationships and true love comes from him. “I believe in Cupid because he helps in the process of love if you truly believe in him” says Odaine Wisdom, 12th grader.

Facts About Cupid (

  1. Cupid uses two different types of arrows. Gold tip arrows for true love and lead tipped arrows for passion.
  2. Cupid is sometimes blind folded symbolizing the figure of speech love is blind.
  3. Can sometimes be seen riding a dolphin or bird.

Best Cupid Songs 

  1. “Stupid Cupid” by Patsy Cline
  2. “Cupid” by Sam Cooke
  3. “Cupid” by 112
  4. “If Cupid Had A Heart” by Julie Griffin