Black Actors Move Up in Show Business


Jocelyn Guinyard, Staff Writer

There are many actors that have us laughing non-stop. There is nothing better than knowing who these individuals are. From comedy to action to mystery, everyone have a special actor that grabs their attention. But the big question is…Which ones would be consider the top 5? I asked members around Charles Herbert Flowers High School who they consider the top 5 from the list provided, the results were listed below.

Kerry Washington who stars in the hit television series Scandal as (Olivia Pope) and was considered the number one actor in CHFHS is the first African-American female who has lead on a drama TV show in almost four decades. Not everyone agreed with Kerry Washington being number one. Others had different opinions which they thought Taraji P. Henson should have been at the top. “Taraji P. Henson should have been number one because she is from Maryland and plays great in movies. My favorite two movies that she played incredible in is “Baby Boy” and “Hurricane Season,” said Senior Marshaye Burley.

Top 5 actors

  1. Kerry Washington
  2. Denzel Washington
  3. Taraji P. Henson
  4. Will Smith
  5. Morgan Freeman