The First Student Congress Meeting of the School Year

Jordan Coleman

The first student congress meeting of Charles Herbert Flowers High School was held on Friday December 6, 2019 during first period. During this time, members from the SGA (Principal’s Action Council) Class Officers, and two student representatives from each home room were invited to the auditorium to discuss topics, concerns, and changes to the current and upcoming school year. Committee chairs and officers of the principal’s action council,  President Emerson Tiwang, Vice President Paulson Obiniyi, Secretary Bernice Damaoh, Uniform Committee Chair Nneoma Nnaka, Culture and Climate Committee Chair Malcolm Doster, Activities Committee Chair Oseghale Esene, lead the meeting for that day.
Along with the council on the stage were the presidents and vice presidents of each grade representing their respecting grade level. The officers are Class of 2020  Tyree Bell, Obed Gant, Class of 2021 Chelsea Adinuba, Miya Allen, Victor Oboriogara ,Class of 2022 Makenzie Hooks-Harris, Makayla Allen, Class of 2023 Maggie Sherriff, Hillary Dela Cruz, Omorose Emwanta.
The first order of business was the culture and climate of the school, meaning the cleanliness of the school, the safety of the school, and the health and wellness of the students. Next was a presentation from the activities committee, this committee creates and supervises activities for the school to promote such as fundraisers, drives, and dances. Lastly, the uniform committee is in place to reinforce the uniform policy and make changes and decisions based on students’ feedback to the new uniform of the 2019-2020 school year. This also includes ideas for the new uniform policy for the upcoming school year. The student congress and it’s representatives make executive decisions based on progress of the school year. If you were not one of the people selected to be apart of the student congress your voice can still be heard ! Feel free to contact or speak to any members of the congress above to ensure that your voice is heard at the next meeting and your opinions are added into the discussion of order.