Early Christmas For PGCPS Students!

Rayvonne Brown and Elijah Carroll

DARCARS Toyota Presents PG County $25,000 for School Lunch!

DARCARS Toyota announced that they will pay off every student’s school lunch debts in Prince George’s County. C.O.O Jamie Darvish will give a check of 25k to the nonprofit Excellence in Education Foundation for PGCPS at WIlliam Hall Academy. This will occur at 1 o’clock in the afternoon later on today. Darvish says that “DARCARS Toyota is happy for the opportunity to be able to pay off the current school lunch debt for every student in PG County.” School lunch debt is a real issue in PG County because students cannot eat lunch at school because of financial issues at home. With DARCARS Toyota donating the 25k for school lunch debt in PG County, it will help them because now they won’t have to be hungry at school anymore. PGCPS Monica Goldson appreciates this very much.