What’s in?


Makachi Ngobili

Have you ever wondered what your fellow classmates consider as “IN”? I went around the school and interviewed different students in different grades and I received many different answers. Here are some of the responses I got. Elizabeth Coker, a 10th-grade student, stated “Crocs and fuzzy socks because it’s a cute little combo, crocs are cute but simple. I own a pair of each myself.” These seem to become very trendy around Charles Herbert Flowers because surprisingly many students own these items. The next student is Cameren Stevenson, 10th-grader, who stated: “SGG music is in because we are the next best thing to listen to us.” The group SGG (Stay getting Guap) makes rap music. They are a local group in the DMV slowly rising. An 11th grader, Da’Yoni Stewart said, “90s clothing/fashion because all fashion trends repeat itself.” Being a student at this school I can agree with this but then not many wear this because most don’t consider it their style. What trends do you think are in and will you consider following them?