Why are people trying to take their own lives at such a young age?

Shyann Snyder

People shouldn’t be trying to take their lives. There is so much that they can do with their lives, everyone has a purpose in life. People shouldn’t be trying to take their own lives while they can do so much within their life. Many things can be the cause of people wanting to this but the biggest advocate to it is bullying, along with not feeling like they fit in for who they are with people not accepting the choices that people have made for their life. People say things that don’t matter in life all you have to do is focus on you and not pay attention to what anyone says. Everyone has a purpose of doing something in life you shouldn’t be ending your life because of a few things that were said these people that are saying these things don’t matter. This doesn’t need to be resolved by taking your own life from a few things that were said. There are many things that can be done to help prevent this from happening to many people. We need to put in place something that can help try and save people’s lives. People don’t need to be going through this alone. Nobody needs to get hurt from anything like this people need to try and help do anything that they can to try and prevent a friend or themselves from doing this. We need to help prevent the amount of suicides of young people from going up. Suicide is never an option to take.