Rising Anxiety and Stress Rates With High Schoolers

Deven Garcia

In recent months, the Flowers community witnessed the tragic loss of an alumni who graduated with the class of 2019 that unfortunately died of suicide. He serves as just another example of how complex it is becoming to evolve into a young adult in our current society. High School has become harder for students in coursework and in their mental health which many students bare, especially at the Mecca. In an Article from the Los Angeles Times it said , “14.6 per 100,000 kids commit suicide as of 2017”. This data is difficult to see because these stats are at an all time high. Many of the causes of suicide are anxiety and stress. In a story by Nea Today it says “As of 2019 70% of teens say anxiety and depression is a big problem amongst their piers”.  It’s crazy to see such data and it should be brought to the eyes of students to know how common this thing is.