Strange Animals That Are Extinct

Ayanna Smith

1. Scutosaurus was an armoured parareptile that lived 250 million years ago & measured 3 meters in length.

2. Brontornis or the ‘terror bird’ lived in Argentina during the Miocene & stood at 1.75 metres tall but could raise its head to 2.8 metres!

3. Gorgosaurus, a T. rex relative, possessed a unique set of serrated teeth that let them rip through the flesh and bones of large prey with great efficiency. (Credit: Danielle Dufault)

4. A close elephant relative, Platybelodon had a strange ‘trunk-mouth’& used its lower tusks to scrape bark off trees (Credit: T Jędrzejowski)

5. The Quetzalcoatlus is one of the largest flying known flying animals of all time. It had an average wingspan of 36 feet, stood at least 10 feet high at the shoulder, and weighed around 500 pounds.

6. Doedicurus clavicaudatus is an extinct giant armadillo from South America. They measured 1.5 metres tall & 4 metres long! (Credit: opaleoblog, P. Riha)

7. Paraceratherium, second largest land mammal in history.

8.Atopodentatus was a three-metre-long herbivorous marine reptile that lived 247 million years ago. (Credit: Hyrotrioskjan)

9. Leptoptilos robustus, or the giant stork, is an extinct predatory bird from Flores. It grew to 1.8 metres tall, weighed 16 kilograms & preyed on pygmy hominids.

10. Therizinosauridae or ‘reaper lizards’ had huge claws but the purpose of these appendages remains unclear. (Credit: Vlad Konstantinov)

11. Arandapsis was an early fish that had no jaw & heavily armored body to avoid predation.

12. Albertonectes was a fish-eating plesiosaur that had an incredible 76 vertebrae in its neck (compared to our 7!) (Credit: Julius Csotonyi)

13. Rodhocetus is an early whale that had short limbs with large, webbed hands & feet. (Credit: Pavel Riha)

14.Predator X or Pliosaurus funkei was a huge aquatic reptile & apex predator that may have measured up to 15 metres long!

15. The Sabertoothed Sparassodont lived in South America & was unrelated to the Saber Toothed tiger.

16. Extinct giant flightless birds. (Photo: AMP)

17. Arambourgiania was one of the largest pterosaurs, with a wingspan of up to 13 metres! (Credit: Mark Witton)

18. Spinosaurus was one of the largest predatory dinosaurs ever. This semi-aquatic apex predator lived during the Cretaceous period & measured 18 metres in length! (Credit: Franco Tempesta)

19. Kretzoiarctos beatrix is an extinct bear from Miocene Europe & the ancestor of the modern giant panda. (Credit: Nobu Tamura)

20. Gigantopithecus was the largest ape ever discovered, growing to 3.5 metres tall!

21. Dorudon are the ancestors of modern whales. They grew to 5 metres long & possessed ‘hand flippers’. (Credit: David Arruda Mourao)

22. Mamenchisaurus was 3 stories high, weighed as much as 2 elephants & had a neck longer than a bus! (Credit: Sergey Krasovskiy)

23. Sigillaria was a 30-metre tall plant that didn’t reproduce via seeds, like today’s deciduous and coniferous trees do. It was a spore-bearing, tree-like plant that flourished in the Late Carboniferous Period. (Credit: Dinoraul)

24. The largest cormorant ever was the spectacled cormorant of the North Pacific. It grew to 1.2 metres in height & died out in 1850. (Credit: Joseph Wolf)

25. Pterodaustro was a flying dinosaur from the Cretaceous of South America. It had a bizarre set of teeth, similar to some whales, which was used to catch small organisms from the sea.

26. 26 extinct animals (Credit: RasmussenAlison)

27. Chasmosaurus was a dinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous of North America. They were 5 metres long & weighed 2 tonnes. (Credit: Steve White)

28. Stratodus was a five-meter long armoured fish that looked like a sea serpent and lived 75 million years ago.

29. Australopithecus afarensis is an extinct hominin that lived between 4 and 3 million years ago. Remains have been found in Africa & Germany.

30. Eurhinodelphis was an apex predator & cetacean relative from the early Miocene in what is now California. (Credit: Kano Serrano)

31. Dickinsonia is a strange species from the Ediacaran. Scientists aren’t sure what it is, some suggesting it could belong to the fungi or to some ‘extinct kingdom’. (Credit: Nobu Tamura)

32. Saber-toothed cats, such as the world-famous Smilodon, died off in great numbers by the end of the Pleistocene, around 12,000 years ago. (Credit: Serge Elia)

33. The Tylosaurus was an enormously large reptilian hunter of the ancient seas. Tylosaurus holds the record of being one of the most massive creatures of the world to have ever swum in the oceanic waters.

34. Sarcoprion edax was a six-meter long holocephalid (shark-like fish) from the Permian of Greenland. (Credit: deviantart/enneigard)

35. The Irish elk is one of the largest deer that ever lived. Carrying the largest antlers of any known cervid of 3.65 m from tip to tip. Its range extended from Ireland to Siberia to China.

36. 36 animals lost to history due to human activity. (Credit Alan Bernau Jr)

37. Megaladapis, informally known as koala lemur, is an extinct genus in the family Megaladapidae. When humans arrived on Madagascar, there were at least 17 species of now-extinct “giant” lemur among the mammals living there, which included the Megaladapis.

38. The dodo bird hasn’t been spotted since 1662, less than a century after it was first catalogued by Dutch sailors. This silly looking bird was driven to extinction by both the sailors who discovered it and the invasive species they brought along with them.

39. Kentrosaurus is a genus of herbivorous dinosaurs that lived around 150M years ago. Its name is derived from the Latin word ‘Kentron,’ meaning sharp point. It lived on soft grounds like the banks of rivers or lakes.

40. Ankylosaurus! Its brain was slightly bigger than a walnut! The tongue of this creature was muscular and quite heavy; however, no one, to date, is sure about the reason.

41. Carcharodontosaurus was closely related to the Giganotosaurus. Though the creature was much larger than the T. rex and the Spinosaurus, its brain was smaller than the latter (making it less intelligent than the Tyrannosaurus).

42. Avicranium was a dinosaur with a bird-like skull. They evolved long before the first birds. (Credit: Matt Celesky)

43. The Malagasy crowned eagle was a large bird of prey that hunted lemurs & became extinct the 1500’s after humans over-hunted its prey.

44. Cephalaspis is a prehistoric fish from the early Devonian that ate decaying flesh & faeces.

45. The largest ever lobe-finned fish was a species called rhizodus, which grew to 7 meters long!

46. The heaviest dinosaur was Argentinosaurus at 77 tonnes. It was the equivalent to 17 African Elephants. Argentinosaurus is a double award winner being also the longest dinosaur. It is also the largest land animal to have ever lived.

47. Sphaerotholus buchholtz is a species of Pachycephalosaurid from the Hell Creek formation of Late Maastrichtian USA. Like many other pachycephalosaurus, its skull had a thick layer of bone raised to form a dome-like structure. (Those who have watched Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom already know this one)

48. This may be a small early Cretaceous Carnivorous Dino, but this Paravian had 4 wings and is now believed to have been able to achieve powered flight instead of simple gliding and have feather iridescence.

49. The “Siberian unicorn” — actually an extinct giant rhinoceros — once roamed among humans

50. It is estimated that in 25 years 28,000 species will go extinct due to deforestation. That’s over 1,000 species per year.

Source: Extinct Animals (@Extinct_AnimaIs): Twitter