Winter Break Too Short?

Jordan Coleman

Winter break has come to an end and it was a long overdue relief from the workload students have received for the past couple of weeks leading to the break. Flowers opened the school doors on Thursday January 2, 2020. The very end of the week and end of a break that could not be extended for just two more days. Not only have students expressed their negative opinions about returning to school so abruptly but also teachers and staff as well. For the two days of being in school you can notice the decline in students and staff in the school, walking passed the classrooms substitutes fill the rooms and students are noticed doing close to nothing. To start school a day directly after New Years can take a toll on Jaguars trying to transition back from the break to school. Putting a workload on students for only two days and expecting the outcome to be as normal as any other school week. As students we are only left with the question of why must we go back to school on a Thursday?