Second Floor Stink Caused By Microwave Heating Gone Wrong

Ashia Fletcher, Staff Writer

CHFHS students were startled during the end of first period on Tuesday, Feb. 19 by the revolting smell that swept the halls and classrooms of the second floor. Rumors spread as fast as the stink that the smell was caused by a student setting off a stink bomb in the bathroom.
“First I heard it was a gas leak then I heard it was a stink bomb.” said junior Amaiyah Beverly.”

       Building Supervisor, Mr. Todd was absent yesterday but from experience, he assumed that the smell was from the sewage pipes drying out. However, it has been confirmed by Mr. Ford, one of the school’s custodians, that the smell was caused by food burned in a microwave.

        Students and teachers were allowed back into the second floor wing of the school after the fire department gave the okay that the area was safe.