Duval High School Toilet Fire

Rayvonne Brown

Students attending Duval High School in Lanham, Maryland, had to leave and evacuate after a toilet caught on fire in one of the restrooms according to the PG County Sentinel. According to PG County Fire Dept., the fire broke out and was extinguished almost immediately. As the fire alarm rang, students were to perform a fire drill. The drill was successful. No one was injured or harmed. 

Some students did not stay at Duval after the incident. Some went to nearby schools, such as Robert Goddard Montessori School and Catherine T. Reed Elementary until the end of the school day. The other students stayed at Duval but they had to be at the annex side of the building. Edres Tlapechco, another student, said, went he went back into the building it had a “burnt smell.” No evidence has came out telling what started the fire in the toilet.