Student Poetry: Lungs

Maumita Das, Freelance Writer

I only thought of uneven breath,
And hands and hearts thudding, thudding and
And I only thought of the beautiful snow where I might
Find you buried inside.
I don’t know why— it was all so sudden.
Angels come all of the sudden.
Snow angels, snow angels.
The images were broken, racing across my mind.
I saw fluttering birds the colors
Of the colors in children’s books.
I saw us racing through the crooked creepy
Tall, tall towers,
Laughing through the labyrinths
And shrieking with hysteria at the edge of the cliff,
Doubled up with giggles,
Giggling at the maelstrom!
Something that could kill you, consume you, a universe that could
Eat you up in a minute.
The wind blowing through our hair,
The icy, cold wind—
Freezing things were everywhere to
Tell me that I could love.
Because what is the heat without something cold?
Poor children starving in the streets,
With hatred and grief,
Freezing things, so I could bend down and
Carry them home. 
Lungs without life,
So I could be the doctor,
And give them the fire
That they deserved.