Kayla Richards, Extras Editor

Aries: Push your fears aside and dig in.
Taurus: Don’t waste time questioning what’s happening; just sink into the experience and learn what you can from your colorful inner world.
Gemini: Creating priceless memories doesn’t have to cost a thing.
Cancer: Just keep your subjectivity under wraps for now when dealing with others.
Leo: You’ll shine even brighter when others shine, too.
Virgo: Be smart and accept what you cannot change, and keep a sense of humor about the rest.
Libra: So seize the opportunity while it’s still knocking at your door.
Scorpio: Concentrate on the best possible outcome and be willing to compromise a bit to get your way in the long run.
Sagittarius: But you don’t learn anything by pretending you know everything. Instead of showing off your ability to make decisions, share the responsibility by letting others take charge for a while.
Capricorn: State what you feel is non-negotiable, but be kind in your delivery.
Aquarius: Show up with a smile on your face and the willingness to be surprised by a journey to the unknown.
Pisces: Trust your intuition and follow the timing of your own heart.