Prince George’s County School Board Meeting 1/9/2020

Deven Garcia

On Thursday January 9, 2020, I attended the Prince Georges County board meeting. Here a range of people voiced their grievances with how the school system is run. The concerns come from students , parents and even teachers. In this article I will highlight a few.  

(Renee Coltrin , Military Affiliated Families)

(Renee Coltrin) This military mom felt as if Prince George’s County is not understanding of military family’s troubles. She has had issues with class size, and an out of school altercation with her older son. She went before the board to propose they make accommodations for families always on the go.

(Michael, Dickson) A Central High School alumni charges the county to make financial literacy as a mandatory class. He feels as the county is developing and growing, young people should be knowledgeable on how to responsibly manage their money. He advocates that they become mandatory for students instead of electives.

(Habib A. Jah)

(Habib A. Jah) Representatives of the Muslim community say in front of the council to request honor of the Eid Holiday.

(Zena Whitworth)

(Zena Whitworth) Professor Whitworth stood in front of the board to ask that the health and safety of teachers be taken seriously. In her plead to the council, she speaks of the bullying and manipulation which many teachers face. She feels as if the mental health of teachers is under attack on a daily basis and the county should provide a better working environment for teachers.

My main takeaway from attending Thursday night board meeting is that the board is comprised of many diverse individuals which attempt to accurately represent their constituents.