Guiding Light Leadership

Andre Pollard

Please Note:  There are only three spaces for PGCPS and the students MUST be a senior and live in a Pepco service area.  Applications are due back by  January 21st.

I am pleased to announce that Pepco is scheduling the 2020 Guiding Light Leadership Program (“GLLP”)  and we seek your collaboration. 

As you know, the GLLP was created in conjunction with local public school systems for the purpose of working with financially challenged students, who have proven themselves to be motivated and who can use the training provided by GLLP in college and their careers thereafter. 

We are seeking your assistance in identifying three deserving students from each county again this school year.  We need the students names by January 22, 2020.   Please note the attached Program Guide, Student Application and Parental Consent Form.   Also listed below are the dates for the referenced sessions, which the students will need to attend. 

This year, the three sessions are scheduled for:

·        February 5, 2020
·        March 11, 2020
·        April 22, 2020