Saffiatu Johnson

  Social justice is a very important aspect of society which develops a society that celebrates equality and diversity. Awarenesses are raised for social justice due to injustice in our society. And one social justice that I will be talking about is gender roles. 

Society affects gender roles in many ways. There are many gender stereotypes that exist in our modern world that did not exist in the past. These stereotypes can sometimes affect our relationships with others. Society tend to set the expectations for each gender very high; and these expectations can be unfair. However, some of these expectations I find to be as motivations. But, these expectations influence by society itself, social media, family/traditions and our environment.

The tasks and responsibilities assigned to males and females are often determined by gender roles. As a female living in this society, some part of me and my life is somehow determined by gender roles. There are expectations set for me to meet. Examples of these expectations would be, going to school every day doing what I’m supposed to do and getting educated, which I approved of and do not consider to be an unfair expectation. I am a black African woman living in America. I am considered to be a minority. Other expectations that can be considered to be unfair includes: society thinks a woman’s place is in the kitchen and having babies and taking care of those children. All these gender roles are describing the separation of male and female roles in society. 

There are numerous headlines around the world that are based on the stereotypes of genders. However, these roles were more extreme in the past. If you have read the speech “Ain’t I a Woman” by Sojourner Truth, you will have a better idea of what I am talking about. In her speech, she talks about gender roles, rights and equality, and diversity. During the time Truth gave that speech, segregation was strong and women were not allowed to speak in meetings. But she stood up for what she believed in. 

Men feel as if  women are obligated to doing what they want them to do. But it all goes back to stereotypes and the influence of society. Society needs to improve in these gender roles. Yes, women can get married and have kids, but it doesn’t mean they’re obligated to do it. It is not a must that women should have kids, or that there rightly place is in there husband’s kitchen. Males and females work the same job, yet males are the ones getting higher pay. Feminism and sexism are created due to the beliefs, inequalities and stereotypes of roles. As a feminist, I believe women can do whatever a man can do if they put their minds to it. We can be as strong as men. It really seem like a strong man is considered to be muscular, females do not need to be muscular to be considered a strong woman. We are as strong as men. According to Sojourner Truth, “ I could work as much and eat as much as the man. So if you have your rights, give me in my own rights as well.” So to resolve gender roles we just need to become a more diverse society and stop letting society and the media influence us.