Stop breaking your own heart!

Corbin and Pettigrew

Dear Girl who’s waiting to hear back from , Don’t wait up any longer. If he wanted to talk to you , he would have by now. If he can post things on instagram and twitter he also could have texted you in between that, but he didn’t because he’s not planning to. Even after he comes back home from going out with his friends, all you’re gonna see is him liking or commenting under another girl’s status while your text remains unanswered, but yet your still waiting… Why? Why wait for a guy who doesn’t know what he wants but all of a sudden he acts like he cares when he sees you with someone else. Why wait for a guy who emotionally shuts you out every time you try to get your feelings across to him? Why wait for a guy who didn’t end up wanting you , and yet , you’re the one who feels like you lost him? Why are you doing this to yourself? He’s out there living his life while you’ve been in bed waiting to hear from him , but instead, you’re watching him be happy while your miserable? If he can’t see that you’re the girl he should be putting his efforts into, then that’s hi loss and that’s your gain because you don’t need a guy like him. A get like him isn’t the worth the wait . stop wasting because you’ve been waiting for nothing and you’ve wasted enough time on him. Stop Breaking your own heart.