Swedish Police Bust Justin Bieber’s Tour Bus

Kamani Wigglesworth, Staff Writer

On Wednesday night, April 24, 2013 in Sweden, an officer smelled marijuana coming from Justin’s tour bus while it was parked outside the Grand Hotel. The tour bus was headed towards the Globe Arena where Justin was performing. Swedish police contacted a special narcotics unit to assist them, which lead to a warrant to search his tour bus. Cops made their way to the Arena and found no one inside while they searched it.

The Swedish Police found a small amount of narcotics on the floor but didn’t state which type of narcotics it was, but local newspapers are reporting that it was marijuana. They also found a taser in which you have to have a permit to have one. They have not identified a suspect since they do not know who had it or brought it on the bus.

TMZ states, “Bieber had been seen with his pal Lil Za in the hours before the weed incident … and FYI, Za is the guy who was seen smoking pot with Bieber at an L.A. home earlier this year.”  Justin recently tweeted on Twitter that he was innocent but hasn’t made any other comments regarding the incident.