CHFHS Receives Certification for Becoming Green School


Kamani Wigglesworth, General Reporter

Earth Day has been established since April 22, 1970. Gaylord Nelson the founder of Earth Day began this movement “after witnessing the global damages of the 1969 massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California” ( Since then, many Americans have been participating in Earth Day to fight for a cleaner environment.

On Tuesday April 22, 2013 the Charles Herbert Flowers High School Environmental Club held an event for Earth Day. They had speakers come out and speak to them about “Going Green” and the importance of it.

Ms. S. Lewing Gary the head of the Environmental Club and the Environmental Club students were recently certified as a “Green School” by the MAEOE, Maryland Association for Environmental & Outdoor Education. The certification that they received lasts for five years.  In order to receive this award the Environmental Club had to apply for the program and had to create a slide show presentation that consisted of 117 slides. They also had to have official documentation to show that they were a green school. The slides were based on four categories in which they had to choose from; (Water Conservation, Energy Conservation, Waste Reduction, and Health School Environment).

In the presentation they had to present the activities that they have done over the past two years. These activities were showing that the school and community were part of the Going Green Movement. The activities that the Environmental Club participated in consisted of planting trees last October (in which they received a certificate for), making a green center in the library, and conducting a survey for the school.

Katie Swanson, the Environmental Education program specialist, was the overseer for the Environmental Club’s accuracy for the documentations and to make sure all the work was up to par. They will be receiving a flag for recognition and the ceremony for the Maryland Green School Program will be held on May 31, 2013 from 9:00am- 3:00pm at Sandy Point State Park. “I love Earth Day. Every year it has gotten bigger and larger and I love telling the importance of going green” said Ms. S. Lewing Gary, head of the Environmental Club. Congratulations to the Environmental Club and all their hard work.