How To Prepare For A New Semester

Virginia Bates

High School achievement is not easy to quantify. Success may look different for each student, but in general, the resources to achieve it are the same. Lay the foundation for the attitude and work habits that are required in the future now and you will not only improve your high school years but also when you graduate. Doing these 5 simple things will help you become a successful high school student.

Keep all of the papers and assignments. With the new semester, it comes with more tests students have to complete with the information you learned from the previous semester. So when you’re starting a new semester it is smart for you to keep all of the papers and assignments from your previous semesters or quarters. Since you have the same classes all year round, you might need to reference back to those old assignments or notes for the finial or other important tests.

GET YOUR SUPPLIES. It’s becoming more evident this time of years when students are asking their peers for pencils or paper. It is not good to rely on your peers to provide you with school supplies of their own. Most of the time, they are not buying their own school supplies, either parent are. So asking is wasting their money and running out quickly of their own materials. SO get yourself more papers, pens and anything else you need to last you to the end of school.

Set Short-Term and Long-Term Goals. Goal setting is a skill that develops over time. You’ll need to get to know your own work habits and motivators to become a successful goal setter. Setting unrealistic goals gets discouraging quickly. Set realistic long-term goals instead and work backward from those to set smaller short-term goals that serve as stepping stones. Then, intent on achieving those goals. Break down your work into manageable chunks, and find a way to be accountable. Sometimes even working with a group of peers will allow you to keep each other accountable too.

Master Time Management. You’ll need to develop strong time management skills to improve your success in many aspects of your life. This means making plans and sticking to it, establishing organizational systems that work well for you and practicing the art of multitasking.

Participate in Class. You might think this one goes without saying, but a lot of students seem to think that their participation will be a secondary factor if they study and achieve high grades. Successful students know, though, that class participation is a means towards the end. Students who participate in class are more engaged in their learning and are more likely to pass.