LiLi's Relationship Compatibility

LiLi's Relationship Compatibility

Aliyah Malik-McCraw, General Reporter

It is very important to choose wisely when putting yourself in a relationship. You must know whether it will work so you don’t waste your time or end up hurt because the outcome of relationship. There are four different types of personalities, such as Sanguine, Choleric, Phlegmatic and Melancholic. Those four main personalities traits will determine which are compatible or just not meant to be together. To learn more about the four personalities see below.

Sanguine– talkative; optimist; cheerful; enthusiasm type of person

Choleric– bossy; independent; strong willed; unemotional; confident person

Phlegmatic– relaxing; consistent; kind, cool, calm and collect person.

Melancholy– creative; respectful; thoughtful; analytical and very moody person

A relationship with Sanguine-Phlegmatic is a good fit! They aren’t generally attracted to each other but tend to make an interesting couple.  They find a common ground when with each other which they usually end up in a long lasting relationship.

Sanguine-Melancholic will not work! These two are bad for each other. They’re two completely different people, these opposites don’t attract!

 The two Sanguine-Sanguine together is GREAT! They are usually adventurous couple who love to try out new and interesting things together. They keep the spark going with their romance. They are just perfect together!

The Sanguine-Choleric relationship will not become a serious one, the most the relationship will be is a casual affair.

The Phlegmatic-Phlegmatic isn’t so compatible. They communicate very well, also a very romantic couple who love to wine and dine each other. The only down fall with their relationship would be that they don’t give each other enough space. It’s a 50/50 chance that this relationship will work. It all depends on if they can find a balance to give each other space.

This couple are very different, they usually aren’t attracted to each other. Melancholy-Choleric will both respect each other in the relationship. Although the Choleric will greatly irritate the Melancholy threw out the relationship.

Phlegmatic-Melancholy are not naturally attracted to each other and are very much opposites but are good for each other. They both benefit one another with the weaknesses one another has. This couple has a bright future and will be a power couple.

Out of all the personality traits the Melancholy-Melancholy are most attracted to each other. They don’t clash at all because of the similarities they actually enjoy that about the relationship.This couple will be very adventurous and spontaneous together. The two are very likely to end up married with no chance of a divorce. PERFECT MATCH!

The Phlegmatic-Choleric couple also isn’t naturally attracted to one another but seems to be drawn to each other, these opposites definitely attract! They communicate great and rarely fight with each other.