Guide to Making the Most of Your Last Summer Before College

Samara Bharath, Reporter

As seniors prepare for the home-stretch in their high school career, the reality of their last summer before college dawns on them. Senior Kimberly McGlown, who is attending Bowie State University in the fall said she will probably attend a college prep class at Bowie over the summer. Senior Jonathan Alcazar will attend Prince Georges Community College in the fall, and is currently applying to their Honors Program to get a head start on choosing his classes.

“This is the summer to make the most of, before real life begins,” said CHFHS mathematics teacher Mr. Olowoyo.

This article will give you tips and suggestions on how to best utilize your summer vacation this year.

  1. Absolutely do not waste time!  This is different from down time, mind you. Wasting time is a no-no from the time you started school; so don’t put it into practice now. Always do something worth doing, even if it’s chilling with friends or visiting family who you won’t be able to visit during the semester.  Things like pleasure reading, video games, or catching up on old friends may prove beneficial.  Remember, once the semester begins, your time will be severely limited.  Spend it wisely now; every day counts for something.

  2. Do something productive!  Get a seasonal job, find an internship (better if it’s paid!), or work on chores around the house.  Doing something structured during the day will help you fall into a better schedule for when school starts up. Even if it’s a part-time job, or a weekend job, money is money; and you will need lots of it when school starts! Save as much money as you can while you work, so that you have spending cash during the semester.

  3. Get acquainted with the college itself! Whether its orientation, open house, early registration and moving in, or payments plans and meal plans, organize your college life experience well before you get there. Get to know your dorm room, your dorm apartment, your roommate, and major buildings, including the library, cafeteria, and campus police office. Begin making a list of what you will need to carry, and implement that list when school supply shopping. Remember to budget for everything!

  4. Do a life-changing activity! Think about it: this is your last summer as a student in high school; do something that will assert your independence as a freshman.  This includes but is not limited to a trip abroad, a road trip, sightseeing, a new sport or craft, or even a new environment to socialize. Do something that will allow you to break free from the primary education routine and commence a 4-year journey of possibilities. Bon voyage!

Enjoy the weather, and everything in-between! Again, stressing the importance of this break period, don’t get too caught up in preparing for college that you forget critical downtime. This tip is different from the first tip, only in that you must make time to just relax and soak in the sun. The summer will fly, and you want to have something to show for it. Get a tan, go to a beach, cook dinner for the family as a farewell gesture; make this summer unforgettable!