NAHS Art Auction Ends

Meghan Brown, Staff Writer

The NAHS Art Auction has closed. The sold $291 of student art. All of the profit will go to charity. The following people have bought student art:

  • R. Johnson in Guidance bought The Tree in Color by Chayla for $16
  • N. Borraritos Vidal bought The Map by Kachi for $20
  • Nigel Hayes bought The Rawr by Owanemi for $10
  • Ms. Young bought Keys for the Clouds by Sheldon and the Typography Portrait by Leslie for a total of $26
  • The Principal, Mr. Brown bought The Dress by Fisayo Quadri for $30
  • Maliek Y. bought Thoughtful by Amira for $12
  • Ms. Liggins bought Nudes by Matthew Kingsey and The Dress 2 by Fisayo for a total of $57
  • Ms. King bought The Dancer by Kachi for $18
  • Mrs. Schuller bought Trees by Bryce Hammond for $12
  • Mrs. Richardson bought any non-bought art to decorate the school which includes Mercenary by Matthew Cruz for $12, TheTree B/W by Chayla for $10, 3 Abstract, Lady, & Forest by Bryce Hammond for a total of $36, and Quincy Jones by Paige Harvey for $12.