Alumni Day

Elizabeth Coker

The day “Alumni Day” is an annual event that occurs every year. This year Ms.Jones was in charge of according this years event. Alumni Day give teachers an opportunity what they have been up to since they graduated from Flowers. Alumni Day is when majority of the students that come back to visit are college students because they are home from winter break. So they have the time to come back. Alumni day has been going on for the last decade. This year was Ms. Jones first year being in charge. Ms. Aaron a social studies teacher at Flowers initially came up with the idea of having a structured program for alumni when they come into the building. So that way they weren’t just walking around. They go class to class saying hi to teachers and telling about their college experience and their high school experience since they left. On Alumni Day we had 15 students on stage and the whole front row was reserved for other graduates who that it was important to come back and speak to current students about how they used their time here at flowers and the lessons that they learned. Also to let the students know regardless of how you finish at Flowers, college or your career is a fresh start.