I promise

Shyann Snyder

I promise to always raise you up,

when you are down.

I promise to kiss away your tears,

When you weep.

I promise to keep you smiling,

to show the world your light.

I promise to be your strength,

whenever you need somewhere to lean.

I promise I will be your voice,

when the words don’t come to you.

I promise to be your eyes,

when you are blinded.

I promise to be your ears,

when you cannot hear.

I promise to always be real to you,

when you are in need of the truth.

I promise to help you chase your dream,

when you feel they are too large.

I promise to be your smile,

when you can’t help but frown.

I promise to listen,

when you need to speak.

I promise you my heart,

whenever you need love.

I promise you, my love,

forever and always.