Advice Column

Aliyah Malik, General Reporter

Me and my mom have the worst relationship. I feel like we don’t have the average mother and daughter relationship. I want to change it so badly but every time  I try to discuss it with her it always turns into an argument.
Advice Columnist’s Response:
Many mother-daughter relationships tend to have the same issue. It may even have something to do with both of you two being a lot alike. Even though you have attempted to have this conversation for many times, you have not approached in the right manor. The next time you want to have this conversation you should use some the following: 

– Nice dinner setting with only the two of you
– Dont choose to talk about it right after an agreement and when communicating don’t argue or disrespect her. 
– try to give examples of things that have happen to you and your mother to help explain better to her w the relationship isn’t going very well. 
– Compare and contrast situations or how you would like the relationship to be and ho now to be.
– after having the entire conversation with her try to tell also express the good things about the relationship between you two. 
– Also don’t forget to tell her how much you love and care for her. 
    If you follow those importants things above to present the issue to your mother again, you will most likely be extremely successful and progressing in your relationship with each other.