Art Protest Poster Project

Jamon Comer

On Wednesday January 29 Ms. Joseph’s 4b Art 1 class visited Ms. Whitworths 4b Journalism 1 class. The two classes were tasked with working together to prepare Ms. Joseph’s class for their assignments where they have to present and give information on a protest poster. The protest poster had to include a topic/issue, facts, and an illustration that represents the topic. I talked with one of Ms. Joseph’s students about their topic. Katherine is the one student I interviewed. Her topic was gender equality. I have little knowledge of the problems of gender equality so i asked her a fer questions to better understand. I asked her why she chose this topic, she responded that she feels that everyone should have equal opportunity and that women should be able to try everything that a man can try. I also asked her about how she illustrated her topic, she responded that she created a symbol that combined the male and female symbols.