Advice Column

Aliyah Malik, General Reporter


I have been waiting to talk to my dream girl for a very long time. Finally she has decided to give me a chance but the problem is that I’m getting serious with another girl who isn’t my dream girl. I like her but I no longer want to continue with our relationship. I want to focus on my relationship with my dream girl. How do I stop talking to her without hurting her feelings?

Advice Columnist’s Response:

It’s great that your dream girl finally wants to talk to you! Congratulations! There are two different ways to handle telling the other female that you are not longer interested in her. You can either tell the truth which may hurt her feelings but she may also respect your honesty. The other way would be to suggest that you two are better off being friends which may hurt her feelings or may not but at least she knows that you’re willing to continue some type of relationship with her that will ease any hurt feelings she may feel.