A man designs "car shoes" to avoid backpacks

Joshua Fitch

A homeowner on Christmas Island who is actively creating “car shoes” to protect red crabs during his annual migration to the Indian Ocean island.

Every year, millions of red crabs migrate from island forests to the coast to reproduce on many roads that endanger them.

Chris Bray, an owner of the luxury resort of Swell Lodge in the Indian Ocean in southern Java and Sumatra, now matches his cars with crab-protected attachments in front of his wheels and gently swings the crabs out of the road.

“When crabs are in full migration, the road is closed so that crabs can cross safely,” Bray told Newsweek. “While some guests like to put all the crabs in, the staff – such as supplies, guest bags, and older guests – cannot enter. So I have to develop this anti-crab binding system.” mobile ‘- so we can continue to manage accommodations during migration, so we can bring guests, suppliers and employees to/from the accommodation without being affected by crabs. “

“Some people have tried several things over the years, but I found nothing works,” Bray told the magazine. “[The National Park] said this was the first discovery that made it.”