To any female….

Corbin Pettigrew

No female should ever let a boy make her feel less worthy or make her feel like she wasn’t good enough . If I were a boy I would not be able to sleep at night knowing I screwed a female over and she cries herself to sleep because I made her feel like she was less worthy or she wasn’t good enough for me but in reality I’m the one not good enough for her. You boys disgust me all y’all care about is getting in a female’s pants and then running and telling your boys ” I hit that “. It’s more to that in a female. We offer so much more than what we carry. I get we have a lot of maturing and learning to do but females will never forget how they were treated from a boy they genuinely cared and loved for. It is sickening knowing how bad a male can treat a female and not give one care in the world. I wonder if boys think or imagine “what if this were my mother or sister a male was treating poorly. How would you males react? How would you males feel? That feeling of feeling like you weren’t good enough for someone is unbearable and I would not wish that feeling and those thoughts on anybody. A couple months back I felt a useless feeling. I felt that wasn’t “good enough” feeling and it truly made me lose myself. I felt so low and it caused me to build a low self esteem. I was always being called “crazy” or “insecure” because when I was told one thing my heart would say otherwise. Because my heart told me otherwise I always questioned what I was being told and I would always have second thoughts that would run through my mind. And because I chose words over my heart I ended up not only heartbroken but broken as well in the end. I do not know who needs to read this because when I was going through this heartbreak all I was told was “It’s going to be okay”. I felt like no one understood me but, no one really understands the pain and the heartache until it happens to them. Everyone copes with their feelings differently but please don’t try to act ok when you are not ok. It will eat you alive. It is ok not to be ok! Do not ever try to make a male into something he is not and will not ever be ! People will always say “females mature faster than males” but honestly isn’t it common sense to not treat a human being like trash? Make them feel like they aren’t worthy. Do not ever and I mean ever lose yourself trying to love someone who clearly does not love and respect you. Know your worth and protect your heart. Love yourself because it is truly about self worth and self love. Males will tell you what you wanna hear and run you circles whether you like it or not. Always remember and stay true to who you are. You are worth more than what any male ever made you feel!