STEM Fair 2020: Abhishek Malhotia

On January 31, 2020, there was a STEM Fair showcase for senior science and tech students. For the STEM Fair 2020, Abhishek Malhotia’s research was on the study of streptomyces scabies. Malhotia plans to modify bacteria cellulase enzyme with regulation in order to control cellobiose production. By activating cellulose enzymes, it breaks down cellulose into cellobiose. Cellobiose is the indirect factor that causes the production of thaxtomin, which causes scab lesion on root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and taproots. The purpose of this proposed experiment is to prove that the activation of cellulose enzymes is what causes the production of thaxtomin that creates scab lesion pathogens. If not, there might be steps further back that leads to the production of thaxtomin.

Abhishek and his STEM Fair board.