Dear my Future…

Jermaine Tolliver II

Dear my future self

I know u still fighting every wall that comes 2 u

I know u let go of your emotions and the world can touch yo heart

Please don’t let the world takeover u and put u in a shell

People probably don’t know watchu goin thru, but trust, i know u goin through hell

Dear my future love

Thank u for being with me for so long

U r a beautiful queen, that protects when the world is after me

I will protect, hold, and love u whenever u need me

I’ll clean your cuts whenever u bleed

Don’t need to say thank u, tell me u love me, I try my very best but the world can get so lonely

Dear my future mind

We got money, watch for the snakes

Life isn’t funny, it’s clouded with hate

Change da world, take back wat we loss

It might be a swirl, but we will beat da odds