Tips to help prevent stress

Shyann Snyder

Here are some tips to help prevent stress build-up from schoolwork.

  1. Try to make a study schedule this will help you monitor the amount of time that you are studying so that you don’t overstudy for a test or an exam.
  2. Try to find something that is interesting out of the material that you need to study, this will make it easier for you to study the information.
  3. Try to make time for yourself so you aren’t just spending a long time just studying.
  4. Try not to keep on talking about how stressed out that you are.
  5. If you having trouble understanding the information that you are studying ask someone for help so that you can better understand the information that you are consuming in.
  6. If you aren’t able to handle something just tell them no so that you aren’t stressing yourself out from everything that you would be handling.
  7. Just keep reminding yourself that life moves on to not try to stress yourself out on just a simple thing.