Life After Graduation: Military Admission

Life After Graduation: Military Admission

Sydney Monroe

When faced with the question; “What are you doing after high school?”, the first thing to pop up in most students’ minds is college. Although there are many other alternatives that are better suited to certain people, one being the military.

Lasna Jalloh, a senior at Charles Herbert Flowers has successfully been recruited into the U.S. Army. In December of 2019, Jalloh began processing for military admission at the Largo Army Recruiting Station and the Baltimore MEPS in Fort Meade. A letter issued by army recruiter, Dennis Malloy excused him from school to begin his enlisting. He will be shipped out to basic training in August of 2020.

When asked why he decided to join the military, Jalloh replied, “My dad talked me into it. He said there would be a lot of benefits.” There are in fact many benefits including:

  • Paid Education
  • Housing
  • Healthcare
  • Impressive Resume

It is also important to keep in mind life after the military. There are many programs provided for retiring soldiers. After his 6-year service, Jalloh plans on pursuing video game design.

Lasna Jalloh, 12th grade