Jazz The Great History

Around 1895 Jazz was created, there many jazz artists that you know that maybe you’ve heard off like Miles Davis and Louis Armstrong but you’re not aware of what the origin of jazz. Jazz is basically slave folk songs put into instruments, back in slavery days we would sing songs in the fields, so when instruments were invented, we played them for entertainment for white people. Back in the early 1920s a young man that would change jazz forever would come into the picture his name was Charlie Parker. He played alto saxophone and would change the way jazz was played. A jazz band would consist of Saxophones,Trumpets,Trombones,A Piano, and an upright Double Bass. There are so many jazz artists that changed jazz forever Count Basie, Dizzy Glispey, Duke Ellington, Ronny Jordan, The Bill Evans Trio, Dave Brubeck and other people. Jazz was invented by The Black Man and it has been used for over a century and it is still played today