College Summit Workshop Aims to Prepare Students to Apply for the Future

Charles Brown, Staff Reporter

The College Summit Peer Leader will be presenting a workshop for aspiring college students (seniors). The workshop will be held Wednesday September 25th, 2013 in the Science and Tech Lecture Hall during 2nd and 4th period. Tickets can be obtained in the cafeteria during all lunches.
The purpose of this workshop will be to help students get ready to select a college, inform them about the application processes, and help start the application process.
“For students to understand how to look for a college and become more knowledgeable on the on-going process” said  Instructional Coordinator, Mrs. Linda B. Aarons, when asked to give one specific goal she hopes to reach by the end of the workshop
The College Summit Peer Leaders that will be presenting the workshop are: Thomas Blichard, Olawanaemi Davies, Demi Dines, Brianna Queen, Alyssa Smith, Arianna Epps.