Imagination Directions

Jermaine Tolliver II

imagine walking in the sidewalk by a mall 

u see a motionless body on the grind 

u think it is sleep but noticing it’s not a sleeping position 

u see that da person is not dressed like a bum

actually a well dressed person for this kind of style in this generation 

u wonder and walk to the body and the first thing u saw was a shadow in someone chest instead of da heart 

u touch to see wat it feels like, but no surface in the shadow

your curiosity made u go deeper in da shadow 

bam, u felt your hand touching a surface

but u instantly moved it feeling a slight stickiness

u also notice da freezing temperature in the shadow

u pull your hand out and saw holes around the body, bloody holes

u got up in shock and u saw my face

eyes closed, blood in my mouth 

your heart rate increases, then a wave of thoughts rushed in your mind 

u heard boom boom boom but it’s 4th of july and u heard fireworks all day

the noise of police sirens made u cry knowing that a dead body is on the ground 

u saw that face before, he looks like someone

u remember…


that’s ___…

the s-s-star ,the a-artist 

the rapper

by the time u notice, police and ambulance pushed away and took the body away 

u start to remember who he is , what he represented , time passes and u went through the process of giving police information 

u turn on your phone, called your loved ones telling dem to wat happened , wat u saw 

after that, u fall asleep after a long day