Psychology Tip of the Week: And the Lie Detector Says…

Ashley Argyle, Staff Writer

How to tell if someone is lying to you?

    Who knew that our brains were our own little lie detectors? They notice details and body language which could help you spot a liar. Pay attention to the person’s eye movement. According to HighExistence, if they are right handed and they are looking to the left or upper left then they are creating a lie, but if they are looking to the right or upper right then they are recalling an event. If they are left-handed, then the effects are reversed, meaning that a left-handed person staring to the left is imagining a lie.

    What if they are making eye contact? Then, focus on their lack of details and ask questions. Remember their answer and ask the same question again later, if they forget or change their answer then they are lying.

Also, you could surprise them with a loud burst of laughter, interrupting their storytelling. If they stop to inquire your laughter, then they are lying because they are using your interference as a chance to think of a lie or change the subject. However if they continue to tell their story, then they are telling the truth and they really want to get their point across.

Sources: “How to Read Eye Movements.” Jordan Lejuwaan. High Existence. Web.

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