GO Jaguar Debate Team!!!

john abunaw

Congratulations to the Charles Herbert Flowers Debate Team for their victory last Saturday! Over the weekend, eight Flowers students debated in a pool of over forty students representing twelve schools. Despite most of our students competing for the first time, three of four teams placed in the top ten and four students were ranked within the top five speakers! Below is a list of the students that participated and their accolades:


Top Speaker Awards

Marcus Morton- 2nd Place

Kayla Hartman- 3rd Place

Michael Dunn- 4th Place

Omorose Emwanta- 5th Place


Top Team Awards

Kayla Hartman and Marcus Morton – 1st Place

Michael Dunn and Omorose Emwanta – 3rd Place

Martin Konteh and Jakin Mandjila  Р8th Place