What Causes Stress?

LaNiya Clark

Is school the main reason for students stress? Students want to do and show their best in school and get their education. Some students get discouraged and feel like their best isn’t enough. Students sometimes get overwhelmed by the amount of work they receive in a day. Students always want to do their best and walk across that stage and earn their diploma. Ways to relieve stress from school is to not procrastinate, procrastinating will not help. Work needs to be done as soon as you get it because sooner or later your gonna forget about it  and won’t be able to get your credit for it. Asking for help when needed will also help relieve stress. Asking for help when needed and not just sitting and waiting for someone to notice you need help will not help. Asking for help will create a better understanding, everybody learns different and needs help in different ways, so don’t ever be ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help. Also another way to relieve stress is to just have a chill day! We all need a day to just relax and take a break from lifeRel! Just taking a day off will also really help, it gives you time to do extra curricular activities you like to do and to just spend time to yourself.