Being Single vs Being in a Relationship: Which Is Better?

Kadijatu Johnson

Being single or being in a relationship both have their advantages and disadvantages. Both require work; however, being in a relationship can be more demanding and have more requirement and expectation than being single. Besides feeling lonely occasionally, being single allows you to grow within yourself, make decisions and do things on your own, and it brings more chances of meeting new people. But being in a relationship means growing with someone else, stress, jealousy, and discovering insecurities you did not know you had. Between choosing to be single, being in a relationship, being single is better than being in a relationship.
Living single and being in a relationship involves people taking risks to achieve their objectives. The majority of those that are in relationships are not sure what they are in, where they stand with their partner, or what the purpose of that relationship is. And mentally they are not ready; therefore, they are taking a risk by choosing to stay. People get into relationships because they feel the need to, and to occasionally avoid the feeling of loneliness. However, being single is also a risk. A risk of potentially meeting someone but afraid of what the next step may be. The risk of falling in love with someone and, consequently, having your heart broken.
Choosing to be single, and staying single is a great way to relieve stress. It leaves a person nothing to worry about. Now, single people cannot go wrong if they choose to be in a relationship, but most times being single is the best thing to do.  No need falling in love to fall out of love; or even worst, falling for betrayal. And moreover, being single can restore peace of mind. Single people are not at risk of getting their heart broken, and stress eating over a man. There are many advantages involved with choosing to be single. It allows you some time to work on yourself, detoxify, and get rid of all negative energy. Being in a relationship can bring a person that toxic trait he or she is trying to get rid of.
Relationships can be fun at first, but as time goes on the couples involved in the relationship becomes doubtful. At first everything is going great. Date nights, missing each other and not wanting to be without the significant other; then things change overnight, leaving a person to wonder what happened. What changed? Questions you may not want the true answer to start to slowly rise. Relationships can bring out the best in people; meanwhile, in some cases it brings out the worst. Out of nowhere, insecurities start to develop. For instance, you start to wonder why your partner is no longer given the same amount of attention he used to. Is the feeling or love still there? Is he seeing someone else behind your back? But being single does not come with the same amount of stress as being in a relationship. Of course, not all relationships are like this, but most relationships are. Being in a relationship makes a person feel as if he or she is obligated to do what their partner wants. On the other hand, to be single allows you much more freedom. There is no need for someone to feel obligated to do something he or she does not want to do, and it allows you to take account of your actions, and only your actions.
Being single and being in a relationship both come with feeling a little jealous; nevertheless, jealousy in a relationship is different than being single. Jealousy in a relationship is about seeing your partner with someone else, and how that makes you feel, which can result horribly. When a person is single, he or she can sometimes feel jealous of someone who is in a relationship, but it is not the same as being in a relationship and being jealous. When someone who is single becomes jealous of someone that is in a relationship, often times, it is because he or she wishes to feel the love and affection the person in a relationship is receiving. But it is not always like that for single people. For example, single people receive more opportunities than those in relationships. Single people get more chances at traveling, becoming self-reliant and even finding the right man or woman; furthermore, no one can make them cry.
Relationships will always require sacrifices. Often times people in relationships have to sacrifice their happiness to keep their partner happy. Not how it’s supposed to work. Both people involved in a relationship should be working to make and keep each other happy. When someone is single, he or she only has to worry about their happiness. Single people have the chance to put their happiness first.
In a relationship, there are many influences, and social media happens to be number one. Social media often ruins relationships. Whenever people see a couple posting pictures, they immediately assume they are living a great life. When you’re single, there is no need to feel envious of them and designating them as “couple goals.” Single people may wish to have what these couples have, but they are not as affected by this as those that are already in a relationship. These people may start comparing their relationship to others. They will slowly start losing sight of reality and pay more attention to what they see instead of what they feel for their partner. Couples may have changes in behavior, low self-esteem, and lack of confidence in their relationship. They will start to care more of what people think of their relationship. These non-social media couples may want to look like the media couples- focusing on looking rich instead of being rich. Also, non-media couples will start posting their relationships on the media to get comment and likes in order to feel better about themselves, and in way help them feel better about their insecurities.