CHFHS Welcomes New Nurses

Ashia Fletcher, Staff Reporter

This year, we have two new nurses in the Health Suite: Drew Demas and Rashon Sallis. They welcome any patient that has a pass with open arms.  Mr. Demas enjoys nursing because he gets to help people and make a difference in someone’s day.

“I didn’t change the world but I did make it better,” Demas says to himself at the end of each day. Demas has always been a nurse.

Ms. Sallis got into nursing to make a difference in someone’s life. She has done almost every job you can think of, like maid, truck driver, and telemarketing until she found nursing.

Sallis enjoys nursing because of all the people she gets to meet. She likes that the kids at CHFHS are open and comfortable with coming in when they’re sick or not feeling well.

“There was a student who came in and wasn’t feeling good. I asked did she want to go home she responded and said no she had a test to take, I let her lay down for 15 minutes then she returned to class and came back to inform me she did well on her test and thanked me,” Sallis said.