New Secretary Joins Guidance Office Team

New Secretary Joins Guidance Office Team

Meghan Brown, Editor-In-Chief

It happens every year. With new students come changes like new clubs and new faculty members. This year, CHFHS welcomed several new teachers, two new nurses, and someone new in the Guidance Office.

That’s right, there is someone new in the Guidance Office to harass and her name is Ms. Kathleen Brockelman.

It seems Ms. Brockelman has taken on more than enough duties for her first year at CHFHS. In the Guidance Office, she deals with withdrawals, work permits, back-up registration, grade changes at the request of the principal, answering the phone and sending out records to other schools.

Luckily, this isn’t her first time doing all these jobs. She transferred here from Henry D. Wise High School where she did everything she is doing this year except school withdrawals.

Brockelman was also a substitute teacher for three years and worked at a Boutique called After Thoughts. She has seen more states than most due to her father being in the Air Force. She was born in Hawaii and traveled the states with her family before finally settling in Maryland.