Addressing the Bathroom Issues at Flowers

Jordan Coleman

As a student at Flowers,  I have witnessed and experienced issues that raise concerns for me. One of those issues being the bathroom dilemma. There are a total of eighteen student bathrooms around the school, ten on the first floor, six on the second floor and two on the third floor. These are the total number of women and men bathrooms combined. With an estimated school population of 2,100 students, bathrooms are being used constantly throughout the day. I have also noticed that the women’s bathrooms are not receiving the proper care it needs daily. In most bathrooms there are no running hot water, soap, or working hand dryers and in some bathrooms it does not look as if it has been cleaned from the previous day. This observation has not only been noticed by the females that attend flowers but also the males. While speaking with tenth grader, Jose Moreno, he says, “The boy bathrooms are just as bad as the girls and no one is caring for them”. In Light of the new pandemic the coronavirus, there was an email sent around by Charles Herbert Flowers High School principal , Dr.Gorman Brown , addressing the importance in washing your hands thoroughly and several times during this time. Brown has also addressed the bathroom issues and told students to report to an administrator or custodian to inform them about the missing soap and non-working faucets in the bathrooms. This email leads me to the question of , why does it have to take a deadly virus attacking people in the world in order for students at flowers to receive the proper hygienic services needed?