Extending the Coronavirus Shutdown among Maryland Schools

Jordan Coleman

Maryland State School Superintendent, Karen Salmon, along with other school leaders have been contemplating the idea to have all Maryland schools remain closed “beyond the two weeks already announced”. The short closure of Maryland schools will not contain the risk of the virus spreading and the new health guidelines to fight the virus could last until July or August. The new CDC guidance has released a statement saying that “schools could be closed from eight and twenty weeks in order to slow “subtantial community spread”.
What does this mean for Maryland Schools? If Superintedent Salmon goes forth with her idea of continuing the closure of schools, all Maryland schools will be working from home, taking online classes, and will not return to school until the end of the 19-2020 school year or at the beginning of the 20-2021 school year.
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Source: https://www.baltimoresun.com/coronavirus/bs-md-school-shutdown-20200316-d2a7vfpw2rc7bbmrk5rhjubque-story.html