My Flying Bird

H.C. and Jocelyn Cruz

High in the sky are dreams I can’t hide
Dreams I desire with all my heart
Sometimes things don’t go out as planned
But then I ran to meet those dreams
Walls and walls all blocking my way
Walls as tall as a tower that I have to climb to find my bird
A bird I want to set free
A bird that wants to make the best out of its life
I finally got over the wall and I’m shocked with what I saw
Trash and more trash all over, it was hard to spot the bird
When I saw it I walked to it and with every snap, it got startled
I untangled the bird from the trash that was holding it back
And I took care of it until it was strong enough to fly away
After some time it gained its strength, so I took it outside
Being outside, feeling the weather
The rays of the sun, the breeze
The bird sprang its wings
And flew off into the clear blue sky