Security Takes Two

Security Takes Two

Mr. Carneal

Taylor Nicholas, Staff Reporter

We have a new security guard with a sweet personality, but a feisty attitude when she is tested. The new security guard, Ms. Wanda Harris, became a police officer in 1984. She retired as a Detective in the District of Columbia after 27 years in the force. She went to the University of the District of Columbia and majored in Criminal Justice. She describes herself as a people’s person who likes working with the community, and also likes helping people.

Ms. Harris wants the students to know that she is not the enemy and that she treats others the same way that she wants to be treated. She is here to make the school better and safer environment. She has an 18 year old daughter and said that the best advice she has ever given to her daughter was, “Stand for something or nothing at all!”

There is also a new security officer, Mr. Stuart Carneal, who has taken over as head of security this year for CHFHS.