john abunaw

College application season is in full swing. People are busy researching degree options, comparing schools, and above all, trying to figure out how to pay for it all. Here at STEPS, we’re always looking for ways to help students pay for school, especially those who have decided to give back by pursuing a degree and career in public service.
While there are plenty of scholarship lists online, we wanted to make sure students going into public service degree programs had a dedicated, up-to-date resource for finding scholarships. The end result is our new scholarships guide. Students can search, read about, and apply to scholarships in 9 different public service fields, including teaching, criminal justice, public health, and social work. You can review the full scholarship list at the link below. I’ve also included a link to our companion financial aid guide, which covers other funding options for public service students, including earning money through programs such as AmeriCorps, the Peace Corps, and the TEACH grant.
30 Top Scholarships for Public Service Students:
How to Get Financial Aid for Your Public Service Degree:
Our goal with these guides is to help more students afford college so they can go on to make a difference in a public service career. Can you help us out by sharing a link to these two guides somewhere on your website? We’re a small team at the moment, so our outreach capabilities are fairly limited. Having links up on your site would go a long way in helping!
Thanks so much for your time.