Tips for Staying Sane During Social Distancing

Deven Garcia

As you are practicing social distancing and getting used to a new “normal”, I urge you to practice the self-discipline that you will need to successfully traverse these challenging times. Every day is a new day and you should focus on:
  • Establishing a schedule- Start each day organizing goals to accomplish throughout the day.
  • Refresh your mind- Learn something new while you are away. Its is a great time to expand your horizons. Once this is over those of you who have spent the time exploring something new will have a greater understanding of your purpose.
  • Help someone else- You may not be able to make physical contact with those outside of your home, but you can call and spend time talking to someone who you know is lonely, or dropping off a bag of groceries for someone who you know cannot get out. Spending time helping someone else will help you to remain connected and encouraged for a brighter day.